Purpose & Values Tour Captures Employees' Stories

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To Bring Wellness, Healing & Hope to All is our recently adopted purpose statement for KentuckyOne Health. It establishes who we are as a system and how we hope to transform our communities across the state.

To find out how our KentuckyOne employees are living this credo in their everyday work lives caring for patients and families, we are hitting the road with the KentuckyOne Health Purpose & Values Tour. The tour is a systemwide traveling video recording session meant to capture and share employees’ stories. The tour gives employee-volunteers the chance to talk with one another about what is meaningful to them about their work.

Watch the Purpose & Values Tour Videos!

Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital
I Want to Be There for People
It Feels so Much Like Family 
Treating Persons – Not Just Symptoms 

Saint Joseph Berea
Not a Job
How You Made Them Feel 
As if They Were Family

University of Louisville Hospital
You Give Every Single Thing You Have 
This Work Fills Every Hole In My Heart
Every Day We Impact Someone’s Life
We Took Away Her Pain - It Was Like Watching Magic

Saint Joseph East
I Thank God For All of These Miracles
What I Do, I Do With All My Heart
I See Compassion-It’s In Every Hand That’s Held
I See Something Every Day I am Proud Of

Purpose & Values Tour Dates:

Aug. 16   Sts. Mary & Elizabeth Hospital
Sept. 4    Saint Joseph Jessamine
Sept. 5    Saint Joseph Berea
Sept. 6    University of Louisville Hospital
Sept. 9    Saint Joseph East
Sept. 23  Saint Joseph Hospital
Sept. 30  Saint Joseph Martin
Oct. 8      Saint Joseph London
Oct. 18    Saint Joseph Mount Sterling
Oct. 29    Flaget Memorial Hospital
Nov. 5     Jewish Hospital Shelbyville
Nov. 7     Jewish Hospital South/Southwest
Nov. 8     Jewish Hospital East/Northeast

To be determined: Jewish Hospital, Frazier Rehab, Our Lady of Peace, Saint Joseph Cardiology Associates, Saint Joseph Pediatric Associates, Saint Joseph Primary Care Associates

Contact your local mission leader if you have questions regarding the Purpose Tour at your facility.

KentuckyOne Purpose & Values:

Our Identity
We are a comprehensive health system strengthened by our Catholic, Jewish and academic heritages and inspired by our shared values.

Our Purpose
To bring wellness, healing and hope to all, including the underserved.

Our Future
To transform the health of communities, care delivery and health care professions so that individuals and families can enjoy the best of health and wellbeing.

Our Values

Respecting those we serve and those who serve

Doing the right things in the right way for the right reason

Sharing others’ joys and sorrows

Living up to the highest standards

Click here to download a Purpose & Values flyer for posting/reference.
Click here to download the Purpose & Values video