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Employees and family members are invited to use KentuckyOne Anywhere Care first – for free – before it opens to the public. Access urgent care 24/7 virtually by phone or video chat.

Starting Nov. 1, patients will have a new quick and convenient way to access urgent care 24/7 – KentuckyOne Anywhere Care. Patients will visit providers virtually by toll-free phone call or video chat (via Skype). A provider will call the patient back within 30 minutes of contacting KentuckyOne Anywhere Care.

The cost of a visit is $35 and is paid by the patient, costing significantly less in most cases than the patient would pay out of pocket for an office visit. (KentuckyOne Anywhere Care does not bill insurers or accept patients with Medicare or Medicaid coverage due to federal regulations.)

You and your family members are invited to use KentuckyOne Anywhere Care first – for free – before it opens to the public. Starting Sept. 27 until Oct. 31, employees may call KentuckyOne Anywhere Care at 1.888.809.6889 24/7 at no cost for this limited time only. (Requesting care during the pre-launch period is by phone only. The patient can choose to have the provider call back via phone or Skype for the visit. Early access is open to employees and family members who reside in Kentucky. Due to regulations in neighboring states, virtual care is only available to residents of Kentucky.) You will be invited to offer feedback following your visit.

Among the reasons you might have for using KentuckyOne Anywhere Care include urinary tract infections, sinus infections, flu, upper respiratory infections, allergies, rashes and pink eye. About 7 percent of care requests in other markets have resulted in a referral to an emergency room.

KentuckyOne Anywhere Care providers may prescribe medications, recommend an over-the-counter medication, or provide home care options. Providers will not prescribe or refill prescriptions for controlled substances. KentuckyOne Anywhere Care physicians and advanced registered nurse practitioners will encourage each patient to find a primary care provider and to use KentuckyOne Anywhere Care to supplement that relationship, not replace it. They will make referrals to KentuckyOne providers while relieving our providers from interruptions after hours and weekends, and assuring the needs of our patients are addressed promptly. For over 10,000 historical visits analyzed, 78 percent of visits were outside of 9 to 5.

KentuckyOne Anywhere Care is offered through an affiliation with Carena Inc. and CareSimple Providers P.S. Providers are employed by CareSimple Providers, an entity that contracts exclusively with Carena Inc. Carena is KentuckyOne Health’s partner for telemedicine and is partly owned by Catholic Health Initiatives.

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