Ambulatory Facilities’ Busy Schedules Include Time to Talk

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Jewish Hospital Medical Center East expresses its appreciation with an ice cream social. From left: Shelley Neal Shaughnessy, Bryan Hensley and Carolyn Wise. Visit the photo gallery for more pictures.

PCA Facility Spotlight
As a follow-up to the Performance Culture Assessment (PCA) and Culture of Safety survey, work teams have set goals for the coming year. This article is the next in a series featuring the goals and activities of our different facilities.

At the five KentuckyOne Ambulatory facilities and Saint Joseph Outpatient Care Centers, leaders often pull up a chair and spend time talking with employees.

These discussions help support the facilities’ PCA goal of fulfilling customer expectations. Sharing stories and recognizing good work also help meet employees’ expectations.

  • Quarterly “Breakfast with Shelley” sessions are hosted by Shelley Neal Shaughnessy, vice president, KentuckyOne ambulatory services. Her conversations focus on the organization’s values and strategic priorities.
  • Employee forums have been a productive way for each facility’s director of operations to share information specific to their location.
  • Regular staff meetings include time to share patient satisfaction comments, reinforcing the team’s positive efforts.
  • “Great catch” stories submitted by leaders (two each month!) have more than doubled the amount of employee recognition.

The teams talk about difficult topics, too. They communicate lessons learned from serious safety events during safety huddles, department meetings and leader meetings.

Team Building with Ice Cream, Football and Newsletters

The ambulatory facility employees are taking more opportunities to celebrate successes and have fun. They gather for anniversary parties and ice cream socials. They recognize outstanding performance with an Employee of the Month award, build friendships during department potlucks and enjoy popcorn while creating team spirit for the football game between University of Kentucky and University of Louisville.

Posters and a reception at each facility helped introduce the KentuckyOne Health Purpose & Values. Senior leaders use their KentuckyOne updates to show how the Purpose & Values apply to our daily work.

The Shared Governance Committee at each facility publishes a newsletter to welcome new employees, share SafetyFirst initiatives and patient satisfaction information, and reinforce Purpose & Values themes.

Even in this positive environment, leaders have an eye on improvement.

“It’s a challenge to manage your time efficiently to meet the ever-changing demands. Yet we’re focused on being better leaders and improving our Leadership Effectiveness score in next year’s PCA,” said Shelley, the ambulatory services vice president.

KentuckyOne Ambulatory Services includes Jewish Hospital Medical Center East, Jewish Hospital Medical Center South, Jewish Hospital Medical Center Southwest, Jewish Hospital Medical Center Northeast, Saint Joseph Jessamine, Saint Joseph Outpatient Care Center–Tates Creek, Saint Joseph Outpatient Care Center–Richmond and Saint Joseph Imaging Center.

Katelyn Daley, Deborah Boyd and Kimberly Hobson enjoyed refreshments at the
Jewish Hospital Medical Center Northeast Purpose & Values celebration.

Happy sixth anniversary to Jewish Hospital Medical Center Southwest!
From left: John Cooke, Bobbi Smith, Kathy Polson and Rob Murphy

The KentuckyOne Health Purpose & Values celebration energized Jewish Hospital
Medical Center Southwest employees, including Cynthia Duncan and Rob Murphy.