Purpose & Values Tour Reveals Common Culture across the Commonwealth

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Rebecca Hughes, RN, emergency department, and Shelby Mesch, emergency department tech, talked during the Purpose & Values Tour video interview at Saint Joseph Jessamine.

“It’s rewarding for me to be in the middle of watching the nurses at work in the ER. The patients come in here, some very poor, nearly homeless, not cleaned up sometimes – and they’re sort of grumpy. Some of the same people come in time after time; they wear the ER out coming in but yet every time I see the nurses say, ‘Honey, I’m going to do this for you,’ and just be so compassionate with them.” – Danny Partin, Chaplain, Saint Joseph Jessamine

The Purpose & Values Tour, a systemwide celebration of the Purpose & Values that unite KentuckyOne, has been making video stops all across the Commonwealth asking employees to talk to one another about what is meaningful to them about their work.

Since late September, the video tour has been traveling for weeks capturing employees’ thoughts and insights about their work caring for patients, one another and their communities.

What has emerged are wonderful unique differences from facility to facility – at Saint Joseph Berea, the intimacy of the small-town environment means employees, patients and community all work together as a family. Often, the clinicians and other staff are treating their own friends, family and neighbors every day when they come to work. Hear more from the employees about the “family” hospital of Berea in this video link

In contrast to tiny Berea, University of Louisville Hospital is a large urban hospital serving many thousands of patients a year. As a Level One Trauma Center, the facility is qualified and staffed to handle the highest level of emergencies. In March 2012, when a tornado leveled homes in nearby Henryville, Indiana, and surrounding counties, the emergency personnel handled an amazing 90 tornado victims in 120 minutes, many of them severely injured.

Despite their differences, however, both Berea and University of Louisville; and at all facilities across the KentuckyOne system, caring for patients from all walks of life in a respectful and holistic way is still the common root. 

In the Purpose & Values Tour interviews, KentuckyOne employees are telling us again and again that the core values – reverence, integrity, compassion and excellence – are the connectors that unite all KentuckyOne Health as a family of facilities that cares.

Kimberly Broughton-Miller, RN, a nurse practitioner at University of Louisville Hospital for 21 years, tells us here about an unusual story of compassion in her facility.

At Saint Joseph Hospital, Claudia Carroll’s co-worker, Sue Minton-Colvin, gives her friend recognition, illustrating how compassion is not reserved only for patients in this moving video clip

Facilities like Saint Joseph Hospital, Saint Joseph East and Saint Joseph Jessamine are using the Purpose & Values Tour as a springboard for celebrating employees and focusing on the commitment to “bringing wellness, healing and hope to all.” These Saint Joseph Lexington facilities displayed Purpose Statement poster boards, celebrated employees with a cake and punch reception and passed out breakfast treats for employees during their Purpose & Values Tour week. The sites also incorporated core values into the daily and evening prayers.

In Louisville, Shelley Neal Shaughnessy, vice president of ambulatory services, visited each of the four ambulatory facilities (Medical Center Jewish East, Northeast, South and Southwest) and shared framed Purpose Statement posters with employees at “Breakfast with Shelley” sessions. “Our ambulatory team is engaged about learning the direction of KentuckyOne Health. The introduction of our Purpose & Values reinforces what our employees do each and every day, she said.

In January, the Purpose & Values Tour will be on the road again to visit Our Lady of Peace in Louisville.

Want to see more of the Purpose & Values Tour in action across the state? Visit this link to see any or all of the Purpose & Values Tour interviews to date.

Also, don’t forget to stay tuned to KentuckyOne This Week and KentuckyOne Online for more emerging stories and videos as the Purpose & Values Tour rolls on.

KentuckyOne Purpose & Values

Our Identity
We are a comprehensive health system strengthened by our Catholic, Jewish and academic heritages and inspired by our shared values.

Our Purpose
To bring wellness, healing and hope to all, including the underserved.

Our Future
To transform the health of communities, care delivery and health care professions so that individuals and families can enjoy the best of health and wellbeing.

Our Values

Respecting those we serve and those who serve

Doing the right things in the right way for the right reason

Sharing others’ joys and sorrows

Living up to the highest standards

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